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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm



A Studio Dedicated to children

Welcome to Fierce Motions in Dance, you have taken the first steps in giving your child great memories and a wonderful experience. Through the world of dance, your child can express her/his creativity and talent
while making beautiful memories and lasting friendships. Fierce Motions in Dance is a friendly, professional dance facility that excels in offering top-notch instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, acro, hip-hop,
lyrical, and pointe'. Classes are available for all ages, advanced and novice, competitive and non-competitive.
In addition, the studio invites outside artists and performance troupes to present
workshops on dance, to offer well-rounded and diverse lessons for the dancers.
Owner insures the dancers remain disciplined in their instruction while having fun at the same time. In addition, the
dancers learn the importance of appearance, not just in dance, but also in their daily lives.
Our students will have many opportunities to attend competitions as well as taking part in their community by performing at local events such as fairs and hometown parades! 

Meet Miss Lisa

Meet Miss Baylee

Baylee is excited to share her love of dance with Fierce Motions in Dance! She has been dancing since she was 5 years old and hasn't stopped. She has trained in many styles of dance including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Broadway Jazz, and Improv. Baylee has been cast in numerous ballets including The Nutcracker, Coppelia, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, A Midsummer Nights Dream, and Cinderella. Baylee was chosen as the only choreographer ever under 18 to have her work featured in The Heart and Soul Dance Festival in Dallas Texas. She has been teaching dance since she was 14 years old, and setting competitive choreography since she was 15 years old. Her choreography has received numerous overall high point and specialty judges awards at regional and national competitions. Let's dance, let's be Fierce!

Meet Miss Mariah

Mariah is from McKinney Texas. Mariah has danced for 15 years, and with love and passion has never stopped pushing to help others strive in pursuing their dance dreams.
Mariah was a cheerleader her 7th and 8th grade year, was apart of the van alstyne Varsity Pantherettes Drill Team her 9th and 10th grade year where she was a lieutenant and worked her way up to Co- Captain, a varsity cheerleader her 11th grade year, and transferred to McKinney North High school where she became a varsity cheerleader her 12th grade year.
Mariah continued to pursue dance when she graduated high school with a Dance Scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma State, where she became a dancer for the Sparks. She finished up her freshman year of college and decided to move to Dallas where she got accepted into BrightWood University and recently graduated with her degree in Paralegal Studies. Mariah now works as a legal assistant at Walters, Balido, & Crain law firm.
Mariah had the opportunity to audition as a backup dancer for the singer jhen and is currently working with him. She has performed several performances so far in the Dallas Area. She has performed in a A Tribute to Michael Jackson where she got the female lead role.
Mariah danced backup this summer with the singer Keocia Perry, and got to dance with her at Explicit Fashion Show in Dallas Texas.
Mariah will be touring soon with Jhen and hopes to continue to dance and to share her passion with young dancers.

Meet Miss Donna

born in Woodbury, NJ began her training with Gloucester County Academy, Regency Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, and Ballet South, also took classes with Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and Civil Ballet Company. Donna danced with Ballet South when it first started in 1985, under the the original Artistic Director Victor Moreno and Alexi Yudenick. She has done many and all roles in Nutcracker, Cappelia, Swan Lake, and Snow White. She has been trained by some of the best teachers Sue Millington, Bojon Spasoff, Stephanie Wolfe, Gloria Govern, Barbara Sandonato, and Shaun Doyle. She has won many awards throughout the years starting with Beauty Pagents and Talent Shows. In 1991 she won Very Special Arts Project New Jersey, The Most Outstanding Student Award for Dance in NJ. In the same year she won NJ's Governor's Award in Arts Education/Dance. Donna Has taught dance in numerous dance studios on the East Coast. In 1996 she opened Eastern Dance Studio in Pedricktown to share her love of dance. Then in 1998-1999 she came back to Ballet South as the Ballet Mistress, in 2000 became Salem County's Pagent Director for Miss New Jersey, which is associated with the Miss America Pagent. In 2004 she opened a 2nd location in Swedesboro, NJ. Her students have performed all over the East Coast as well as Key West, Bahamas, and Comzel. In 2005 she then took over as President and Coordinator of Ballet South of NJ, this company was established in1985 Her students have taken home numerous 1st places and titles in the dance world. . In 2009 her husband's job relocated him here to TX. After teaching and running different studio's she opened Fierce Motions in Dance to keep sharing her love for dance with others. Miss Donna lives in Van Alstyne with her husband Bill they have three children Douglas Ciara and Trevor.

Fall Classes 2019-2020



5:30-7:00 Combo I             5:00-6:30 Combo II

6:30-7:15 Ballet                      7:00-7:30 Tap

7:30-8:15 Lyrical                     7:15-8:00 Zumba

8:15-9:00 Jazz



4:00-5:30 Tot Comp.  

5:15-6:00 Musical Theater 

5:30-6:30 Pre-Dance        

   6:00-8:00 Adv. Combo I

6:30-8:30 Adv. Combo II




5:00-6:00 Pre-Dance            

 6:00-6:30 Intro Hip Hop

5:00-6:00 Ballet Comp        

  6:30-7:30 Hip Hop I

6:00-6:30 Production

6:30-7:15 Comp Jazz          

 7:30-8:15 Adult Hip Hop

7:15-8:00 Comp Tap       

   8:00-8:45 Comp Lyrical



5:00-5:30 Acro I      

              5:00-7:00 Inter. Comp

5:30-6:30 Acro II          

          6:30-7:30 Hip Hop II

7:00-7:45 Adult Tap     

          7:30-8:30 Hip Hop III


9:00-10:00 Pre-dance (must have 6 in class to stay open)

Tuition & Fees

½ hr $30.00
45 min. $45.00
1 hr. $60.00
1.5 hrs. $80.00 ** FR
2 hrs. $100.00 $95.00
2.5 hrs. $120.00 $108.00 Annual Registration Fees
3 hrs. $140.00 $126.00 One Child $30.00
3.5 hrs. $150.00 $135.00 Family Rate $50.00
4 hrs. $160.00 $144.00
4.5 hrs. $170.00 $153.00
5 hrs. $180.00 $162.00
5.5 hrs. $190.00 $171.00
6 hrs. $200.00 $180.00
6.5 hrs. $210.00 $189.00
7 hrs. $220.00 $198.00
Every 30 min. after add $5.00

Check with Owner 
Returned Checks Fee $30.00
Late Fee after 15th of each month is $15.00
**Family Rate Discount is 5% on two hours and 10% with 2 children & 3 hours of dance
Competition Classes and Choreography Fees will be disclosed one on one when meeting with director.

Class Descriptions & Curriculum 

Tuition months/ Late Fees
The school session is 10 months - September through June. TUITION IS PAYABLE MONTHLY, IN ADVANCE WITH THE FIRST LESSON IN EACH MONTH. Tuition is based on the average of 4 classes per month. There is no extra charge for the 5th week, and no deduction when there are only 3 weeks. Late fee is added ON the 15th of the month. Any tuition past due of 30 or more days will be charged a late fee of $25.
In order to assure the proper progress of all students, attendance is very important. Constant absence is disruptive to the teacher and the class. To insure proper development of each student, class level will be determined by the teacher according to the student's ability. All students should attend all scheduled classes. If you will be absent, you must call the studio prior to 4:00 p.m. and leave a message. Attendance will be taken in each class and awards are given at the end of the year for perfect attendance. You may make up a class if you are absent due to sickness or family vacation within one month of the event. Perfect attendance is only given to child who has NEVER missed a class. In case of bad weather if you are unable to make up the class that make up WILL NOT count against your attendance.
There will be no refunds for missed classes. Missed classes must be made up within a month of the absence. Please ask your teacher to suggest a make-up class that is suitable for you. There are no deductions for missed classes. NOTE: for various reasons (i.e. instructor illness, weather, emergencies, class size), management reserves the right to modify class schedules.
Class Placement
When you come in to sign your child up you tell us what form of dance you are looking for, we will show you what classes are suitable for your child. To insure proper development of each student, class level will be determined by the teacher according to the student's ability.

Dress Code
Parents and students should recognize Dance class as a special time with special attire. Please help us to set a professional standard by adhering to the following dress code:
Class is one hour
20 minutes Ballet, Tap. Jazz
Black bodysuit, Pink tights
White taps, Pink ballet slippers
LAST class of the month you can wear any color bodysuit

Class is one and a half hours
30 minutes of Ballet, Tap, Jazz
Black bodysuit, Pink tights
Tan taps, Pink ballet slippers, Tan jazz oxfords

Ballet & Technique & Pointe' Classes:

One hour classes
Dark bodysuit, pink or tan tights
Ballet skirts only
Ballet slippers, or Pointe shoes

Lyrical, Jazz, Tap Classes
One hour class
Any color bodysuit, tan tights
NO pants or T-shirts

Dark bodysuit, pink or tan tights (FOOTLESS)
NO pants or T-shirts

Any color shirts 
DANCE pants or shorts
Dance sneakers only

Acro & Baton
Any color bodysuit, tan tights (footless)
Baton White sneaker (not worn outside)
Shorts no pants

Hair is to be secured in ponytail or bun for all classes.

No jewelry should be worn for classes. This is for the dancer's own safety.

Arrive and Depart from Class:

All students must be picked up inside the studio. For the safety of your children, no student will be permitted to wait outside the building for his/her ride, or allowed to exit the building without a chaperone. If you permit your child to walk home, a written note must be given to the director.


There is no need to bring a water bottle if you are not in class for more than one hour - there will be no break. If you are at the studio for more than an hour or an extended length of time, you may bring a water bottle and/or snack. NO SODA, or GUM is permitted in the studio at any time. We do sell water in the studios.

Friends and Guests:

Please do not bring friends or guests to class; they are a distraction to the class. They may attend during the friends and family weeks when all are invited to watch the class.

Waiting Area:

Students may wait in waiting area until his/her class is announced. Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting area during class instruction. Please be courteous and remain quiet. Please keep siblings quiet in waiting room and don't allow them to open and close the door.


Students must show respect for each other and all instructors and parent volunteers during class time and during events.


A five-minute "time out" will be enforced for any student who disrupts the class.


If there is a problem among the students or with an instructor, the director must be notified immediately.

All Students Will Be Treated Equal.

Return check Fee:

If I get back from the bank there will be a $30.00 fee. You must pay the fee and the amount in CASH ONLY! After the second return check you will be a CASH ONLY ACCOUNT!

Announcements & Emails:

All information will be posted on the board and is always up dated with the info you need. Make sure you sign up for emails so you will also receive you info at home as well. Sign up form is at the front desk.

Cell Phones:

Children cell phones will be off when they are in studio if you need them you can call the studio.


One fundraiser in September profit is for your child's costumes and only costumes monies cannot be given to friends or family. Is not transferred from year to year. ALL FUNDRAISER PROFITS ARE FORFEITTED WHEN YOU LEAVE THE STUDIO!

Saturday Classes:

Please keep in mind that I may not be able to make some Saturday classes because of competitions. You may have another teacher or class may be moved around.
Show is always the in June. If you would like to be in the show you will need to purchase costumes and NEW tights from the studio. You could need different style or color of shoes as well. We do have fundraiser in September to help with the cost of costumes, if you choose to participate. In January there is a parents meeting about the show. Your child must remain backstage till the end of show. If you pull them child would be unable to participate in furture shows. 

Competition Classes:

We are a completive studio as well as a dance studio. The children are picked by teachers to be placed in these classes. Should you have any question please feel free to ask.

Class Curriculum: 
Ballet & Technique: Is the foundation of ALL forms of dance. Emphasis will be on barre and center and across the floor. Students will develop coordination, and stretch and strengthen their bodies.

Pointe': You must also register for the one-hour technique class before the point class. Classes will consist primarily of barre work and center floor work. The ballet teacher will decide whether a student is qualified to take this class.

Lyrical: Lyrical dance tells a story. It is a technical form of ballet with the expression and interpretation of jazz. You dance to the words and emotions of the song.

Modern: Modern dance uses abstract movements in a dance form that seeks inner and outer awareness through contemporary music. It's based on a dancer's personal experiences, using her or his body to express such emotions as passion, fear, joy, or grief.

Tap: Tap is VERY important in the world of dance it teaches you rhythm and timing and is one of the longest forms of dance This class concentrates on basic timing, rhythm and the execution of different kinds of tap steps such as soft shoe, Buffalo, and time steps and syncopated tap. Also included will be tap turns and various tap combinations. Some classes will concentrate on advanced-level tap techniques including variations with pullbacks and wings, tap turns and advanced tap combinations.

Jazz: Jazz will consist of different styles such as theatrical jazz, as well as classical. Center will work on isolations, stretching, flexibility, across the floor, turns, and combinations.

Hip Hop: This is a high-energy class to learn the latest hip-hop and street funk steps. Students will warm-up and learn combinations to current pop, hip-hop and R&B music.

Pre Dance: Intro to the word of dance. Your child will have 20 minutes of ballet, tap, and jazz. They will learn balance, coordination, rhythm and timing. As well their independents from you learning to trust there teacher, classmates and having FUN all at the same time. This class is designed with your child's physical and emotional development in mind. Combing technical and creative movements.

Combo: Is the next step after Pre Dance. Your child will have 30 minutes of ballet, tap, and jazz. Learning hard steps for each style of dance they will be learning. Introducing the ballet barre and asking them to remember the names of the steps that they learn.

Acro: In this one-hour gymnastic class, students will work on basic, intermediate and advanced skills on a one-to-one basis with the teacher. Sessions always begin with stretching, strengthening and limbering exercises. The learning of difficult gymnastic skills for each student will depend on that student's ability.